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Jan 21, 2013 3:00am PST
locked up. >> bill: that was jim harbaugh. his brother, john, did the same job for the ravens. i know even friends of mine who live in baltimore who say, "bal'more. we had friends over for a little dinner party saturday night. two of them were from eastern shores, big, big ravens fans and they said yeah but they knew if they are up against the patriots, don't expect too much. the two brothers go to the super bowl. here is john harbaugh. >> it is all over at the afc championship game. it's time to celebrate. the ravens are going back to the super bowl for the first time since the 2000 season >> bill: two weeks down in new orleans, the super ball ravens-49ers. who knows on that one? right? peter: so many people are talking about how these are two teams people are not interested in. i disagree. i think it will be a good game because the 49ers i don't think that they have faced a defense like baltimore's in the playoffs yet. and they've got a high-powered quarterback. they have a high-powered offense. >> bill: i love it's the harbowl. whatever. yeah. >> going to be great. and to talk
Jan 29, 2013 3:00am PST
, there was an objection from the republican side. i looked over. it was former senator jim bunning of kentucky. i object he said. so i stood up. i said you know, identified the senator for the record. i said i'm going to keep renewing that request every hour so senator bunning you better stay on the floor. so that went on for hours. five, six hours, into the night. he got angrier and angrier. at one point he said listen, i'm missing the kentucky basketball game because of this. he said that on the floor. the point i'm getting to is we change the rules so if you want to stop the senate, you have to be there. you get one quorum call, that's it. you better be there. if you're not we're moving on to business. that really puts some pressure on those who just want to stop things and we've seen 400 filibusters. we need more, i hope we don't but if we do, i think we can muster the democrats to bring the constitutional option up again. >> bill: quickly what are -- you come from chicago. i saw mayor rahm emanuel again deploring the easy access and availability of guns in chicago and the huge
Jan 28, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> turning it into under jim messina? right? a full-time kind of citizens pressure group. >> they tried to do this last time after the '08 election. of course, it was a different thing because then it was what do you do to sort of put something in that you will use for your own reelection. this is different if it takes hold and what's interesting going back to charlotte and the republicans is the republicans are now saying the democrats have sort of a permanent campaign operation. we need to do the same thing. this whole phrase, permanent campaign is joyous to any of us who cover politics and horrifying to anybody else. republicans opened four permanent campaign offices in wisconsin. basically like permanent field offices. >> in wisconsin. >> in wisconsin yeah. there is a little bit of an arms race going on. both sides are trying to, you know, have their own kind of grassroots way of pushing their causes. >> bill: david, give us your take on the new chief of staff announced on friday. >> obama himself said it was the least surprising announcement in quite some time at the while ho
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3